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Germisept Disinfecting Wipes 32 x 15ct

Germisept Disinfecting Wipes 32 x 15ct

$99.99 $199.99

  • You will get 4 packs of 15 wipes = 60 wipes total
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL PROPERTIES of 75% Alcohol is perfect to use in multiple scenarios where such attribute is needed.
  • PLANT BASED ALCOHOL : Our alcohol is derived from corn. We ensure that we use the finest & most effective ingredients in our wipes.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE : Ideal for use where alcohol may be necessary in various cleansing application.
  • PERFECT AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IN EACH WIPE : Calibrated , Saturated, & formulated for multiple task with a the perfect amount of alcohol in these Alcohol Pre-Saturated wipes.
  • HANDY ECO-FRIENDLY : Our newly researched packaging technology allows as to pack ALCOHOL with soft flexible packing thus ditching the plastic canister and yet even better maintain the purity of the alcohol. By using this technology we cut the packaging usage by almost by 60% by weight.

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